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Tethys Italy operates in the construction field throughout Europe: , in particular in the sector of hotels, homes for the elderly, nursing homes, student accommodations and residential in general. International projects represent a major challenge for all parties involved. It is not only a matter of crossing borders, but also of optimising the cooperation between different cultures. Our team faces the challenge of international projects with sensitivity and openness. Through a network of international partners, we create the necessary mutual understanding and we strengthen clients trust in our performance and services.

Amedia Hotel

Client:   Kutter GmbH & CO. KG
Address:   Dachau, Deutschland
Building Site:   SiemensStraße 55
Bathrooms provided:  205
Execution/Delivery:  2020

Hotel Les Terrasses du port

Client:   Hélène & Fils sarl
Address:   Saint Pierre e Miquelon, France
Building Site:   Quartier des Graves
Bathrooms provided:   14
Execution/Delivery:   2019

Amedia Boarding Houses

Client:   Kutter GmbH & CO. KG
Address :   Dachau, Deutschland
Building Site:   SiemensStraße 55
Bathrooms provided:   3
Execution/Delivery:   2020

Hotel Abasto

Client:   Riebel Generalunternehmer GmbH & Co. Kg
Address:   Feldmoching, München, Deutschland
Building Site:   Paul-Preuss-Straße
Bathrooms provided:   125
Execution/Delivery:   2018

Betreutes Wohnen Am Ahornring

Client:   ERL bau Deggendorf, GmbH & Co. KG
Address:   Strasskirchen, Deutschland
Building Site:   Ahornring 33b
Bathrooms provided:   33
Execution/Delivery:   2018

Hotel Venezia

Localizzazione:   Venice, italy
Address:   Jesolo, 30016
Bagni forniti:  16
Execution/Delivery:   2018

Show room in Miami

Client:   The Miami Showroom
Address:   Miami, Florida
Building Site:   Coconut Groove, Miami City
Bathrooms provided:   1
Execution/Delivery:   2018

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