POD System

Preassembled modular system

With our Pod System we offer a prefabricated bathroom pod that once assembled, tested and packed on our premises, can be directly installed, complete and functioning, inside the building. Our bathrooms are tailored to the client’s needs.

Complete assembly in the factory
Direct transport to the construction site
Easy direct installation into the building

Different finishes for different bespoke solutions


Ceramic, marble, stone, PVC, linoleum, metal and resin finishes.


Ceramic, marble, stone, Hpl, glass, metal, painted, varnished finishes.


Fixed ceiling can be inspected, trap doors for installations inspection. PVC foam, Hpl, painted, varnished finishes.


Bespoke furniture, accessories and electrical components.


Air heating system, electric or floor heating system or wall mounted water heating system.


Home automation system, energy saving lighting, LED lights with temperature sensors, remote management and surveillance, integrated Bluetooth audio system.

Request a quote

Our team will be happy to formulate an advantageous offer, able to satisfy any particular need for your project. In addition to technical / financial support, the staff of Tethys Italy Srl will be able to develop and customize your idea in detail and display it in a realistic way with 3D rendering.