Made in Italy – Perfection in detail

All Tethys Italy products mean perfection in every detail. Good quality management makes us internationally reliable and professional. In our modern factory, we produce individually at high quality levels and in very short time. The heart of our production lies in the use of numerical control and laser machines.
At our headquarters there is a continuous interaction between automated production and high level craftsmanship. In this way, we aim to achieve the highest level of automation with an awareness of the quality of our team members. Our customers can count on smooth processes, maximum precision thanks to the interconnection between development and production.

Quality and flexibility are the requirements to which we are conditioned on a daily basis. Through continuous investment we ensure that we always have at our disposal the most advanced technology.

Our products are made with great craftsmanship. The high precision and our quality standards repay the final product and the satisfaction of our customers.

Assembly throughout Europe

Your professional partner

During the installation phase we are a partner with highly professional skills. We manage either the installation of the prefabricated bathrooms with one of our teams or even by subcontracting this phase to our reliable partners on site. We always provide a trusted and skilled attendant as Supervisor for the works on site. After each delivery and installation of our products, we assure a guaranteed result through our final testing process.

We provide you with our know-how according to your logistics requirements on the building site.

During the positioning phase we follow a rigorous quality process which guarantees precision and efficient timing.

Works Supervision

An indispensable partner

International supply and installation is an advantage for Tethys Italy. Our projects are overseen during the construction process through our supervisors or upon request by construction managers. Experience and craftsmanship ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any hitches during all assembly phases.

Final Testing

Certifications in building site

After each installation of our products on site we certify their correct functioning through rigorous tests and protocols. Each of our bathroom pod is certified according to the pre-established requirements with our client.

  • Watertightness
  • Seismic
  • Electrical installation
  • Sealing of installation pipes
  • Functionality of furniture components
  • Materials/Finishes


International Network

We also attach great importance to efficient and integrated logistics processes. We guarantee fast and flexible deliveries of our products throughout Europe. Whether it is by land or sea transport, timely delivery remains our priority. We organize our shipments in close contact to your building site timelines to ensure a seamless process (just in time).
All customs procedures will be managed internally.

Request a quote

Our team will be happy to formulate an advantageous offer, able to satisfy any particular need for your project. In addition to technical / financial support, the staff of Tethys Italy Srl will be able to develop and customize your idea in detail and display it in a realistic way with 3D rendering.