Discover our innovative bathroom solutions

Tethys Italy bathroom systems are designed to ensure reliability, durability, hygiene and robustness, ensuring minimal maintenance costs to the managers. Thanks to a team of fully skilled engineers and architects, we can offer solutions that meet technical, engineering and design requirements.

POD System

HDS System

Additional optionals

We can offer bespoke solutions to our clients with a series of additional options to make the bathroom even richer. The possibility to customize your system further highlights the awareness of Tethys Italy in understanding the needs of its clients, guaranteeing high performance and cutting-edge products. Tethys Italy’s main objective is the Customer Satisfaction: it supports infact its customers in a peculiar way, through a dedicated internal Research and Development Department, able to ensure always ad hoc consultancies, high performant and innovative products.

Print on wall
Home automation
Darkening glass
Adjustable LEDs

Certified Products

Before shipment, every single component of our bathroom pod undergoes rigorous testing. Our Quality Control section, after checking that everything is perfectly up and running, issues the following certificates:

  • Fire resistance with EL 30/60 polyurethane panel.
  • Fire resistance with EL 60/90 rock wool panel.
  • Sound insulation values according to test certificate.
  • Accreditations ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001.
  • TLeak-tightness air pressure testing.
  • 100% guaranteed watertight floor.
  • Bathroom pods tested in all fittings (ceiling, floor, walls, …).
  • Accreditations based on the country of destination.

Request a quote

Our team will be happy to formulate an advantageous offer, able to satisfy any particular need for your project. In addition to technical / financial support, the staff of Tethys Italy Srl will be able to develop and customize your idea in detail and display it in a realistic way with 3D rendering.