Our areas of expertise

Tethys Italy operates in the construction sector throughout Europe. In particular, our clients operate in the construction of hotels, elderly care homes, nursing homes, student accommodation and residences, and being able to connect with different institutions in different sectors and countries is a challenge that our team faces with professionalism and passion every day.

Student Residence

Innovative hotel constructions

Our construction system offers a unique combination of quality, innovation and quality, thus ensuring adaptability to every work site and design requirement.
Tethys Italy offers a wide range of building systems more suitable to the individual conception of hotel structures. Our prefabricated bathrooms are optimally integrated into the building structure, ensuring simple and effective logistics management.
Thanks to the structural building and installation system, the positioning of the bathroom pod and the connection to the main services duct of the building are simple and fast procedures.
Tethys prefabricated bathrooms meet the highest performance requirements in terms of durability, hygiene and robustness, guaranteeing the operator minimal management costs.
Tethys italy provides its expertise as partner and supports you with the know-how of engineers and architects in the various stages of the realization of a hotel. We are pleased to develop with you from the very beginning a solution that takes into account all technical, installation and design requirements.

Request a quote

Our team will be happy to formulate an advantageous offer, able to satisfy any particular need for your project. In addition to technical / financial support, the staff of Tethys Italy Srl will be able to develop and customize your idea in detail and display it in a realistic way with 3D rendering.