Project Management

Optimised planning and design.

Our Project Management System ensures that your project runs smoothly from planning to installation. Each project will be assigned to one of our project managers who will be the key interface coordinating all the internal processes and the work of all the partners involved.
A perfect organization is a guarantee for the realisation of a high quality project with certain timescale.
All our processes guarantee precise and efficient solutions with the advantage of significantly minimising the resources and personnel involved.

Your benefits from our Project Manager:

  • less coordination on your part;
  • high level of safety during the construction phase;
  • efficient coordination for workers, construction company and specialists;
  • clearly calculable investments;
  • short and economic construction phase;
  • adaptability to necessary modifications;
  • sole interlocutor during the entire project phase.

Development and Consulting

Perfect design from the very first step.

From the planning stage, all project needs will be taken in consideration and integrated. All project requirements such as architecture, design, logistics and building physics are taken into account. We have highly specialized personnel in the sector with many years of experience. We achieve perfect results thanks to our technical expertise and specific design experience. We aim to provide architects, investors, coordinators and private individuals with professional support.

Bim 3D Project

Make your project transparent

Our design and coordination approach takes into account all building disciplines. In the age of technological changes, a multitude of new issues and challenges arise and need to be taken into account. In particular, we pay attention to the interface with the external architectural and installation project. Our advantage is that we operate with the help of BIM, which guarantees a considerable increase in safety in the technical and economic fields. The integration of all internal and external participants is therefore essential for the successful implementation of the project.

Your advantage :

  • coordination of all the disciplines from the design phase onwards;
  • guarantee of an integrated result with a sole interlocutor;
  • 3D rendered visualization of the idealized project for the customer control.

Continuous monitoring

Project management always under control

Our skilled project managers ensure continuous monitoring for both costs and time.
Through modern means of control we become your trusted partner during all phases of management.

Testing and certification

Our bathroom pods are certified

Before every shipment our Quality Service checks and tests each component of the pod and issues an internal certificate for the customer’s use:

  • FIRE RESISTANCE: with EL 30/60 polyurethane panel and EL 60/90 rockwool panel;/li>
  • ACOUSTICS: Sound insulation values according to test certificate;
  • TIGHTNESS: Certificates of tightness of the installations with tests at air and floor pressure guaranteed 100% watertight;
  • HYGIENE:: Tested bathroom pods for all ceiling, floor, door and wall connections.

After sales management

We are always at your disposal
Our international team is always at your disposal to answer your questions and give you help in any situation.
Contact service:

Mockup Bathroom

A Tangible Proof

During the construction phase of our prefabricated bathrooms we want to demonstrate to our customers the ability to meet all kinds of expectations.
At an early stage of the production process, we prepare a a moke up bathroom for verification and control by the customer. In this way you can experience yourselves directly our quality and aesthetic result.

Green Design

Green technology

It is important for us to preserve nature in a more sensitive way. For this reason, we only use materials which can be recycled through their purity. We have developed a waste management system that allows you to insert processing waste in their own membership cycle.
We use materials and products that have a minimal impact on the environment and users.

Request a quote

Our team will be happy to formulate an advantageous offer, able to satisfy any particular need for your project. In addition to technical / financial support, the staff of Tethys Italy Srl will be able to develop and customize your idea in detail and display it in a realistic way with 3D rendering.